Thursday, August 17, 2006

All’s Mangalam that ends Mangalam

I love swimming. I’m no expert swimmer, in fact, I look ridiculous when I am attempting free style (I haven’t figured out yet when exactly you are supposed to breathe) but I do a mean breast and back stroke :) A bunch of us girls were practising baltis in the IISc pool. Flip - feel slightly nauseous- surface, that was the routine.

I came home, sipped my morning filter coffee and casually scratched my neck- my mangalsutra was missing.

Me (hysterical)- “B! My mangalsutra is missing!!”

B (complacently)-“ Oh? Its ok, it happens” (goes back to the Hindu).

Me (bleating)- “What shall we do? What am I going tell our parents??”

B (complacently) “ We’ll think about it” (goes back to the Hindu)

Apart from the sentimental value of course, the mangalsutra was (1) REAL expensive and (2) had been bought by my in-laws. I was quite certain I had lost it in the pool so I dragged B there immediately. I tried jumping in right away with all my clothes on, B managed to restrain me. The cleaning lady and the life- guard (pathetic excuse of one actually) shook their heads disapprovingly. “What kind of girl loses her mangalsutra?!” The life-guard climbed delicately into the shallow end of the pool, swam a few laps and informed me that he couldn’t see it anywhere. By this time B was convinced that we were never going to find it and decided to head to work. He advised me not to do anything stupid or life threatening and departed.

Naturally I had forgotten to bring my swim suit along with me. I ran to ask my friends for help. One of them, a slight waif- like creature, who fit into the palm of my hand, offered to lend me her suit. I was too upset to think so I just squeezed into it. I jumped into the pool and…. “rip”, there was an ominous sound (well what did you expect??). Who cared? I dove right in and out popped my contact lenses. Now I must tell you, I am extraordinarily short sighted. So, there I was floundering around blindly, while people gaped. My guardian angel appeared in the form of one of our security officers. He had been watching my antics for a while and his heart simply melted at the sight of a half- blind young woman in a torn swim suit fighting so desperately to retrieve the sacred symbol of holy matrimony (mangalsutra, sindoor- they never fail to touch a chord do they?? :) ). The fact that he was an ace swimmer helped of course. He dove in gallantly and resurfaced empty- handed. Not one to give up easily he dove in once more. He disappeared from sight (at least that’s what I am told) for about a minute and HALLELUJAH appeared holding aloft the trophy triumphantly! I am not too sure what I did after that, but I am fairly certain I wept tears of joy and between sobs managed to get the angel’s name.

The next day I discovered (after some detective work), where the security officer lived. I reached his home holding a big box of sweets. He seemed embarrassed but touched. He told me gravely that I must not thank him but thank HIM for having helped me in my hour of need :) I am not a religious person at all but what can I say except- “ Thank God it was a swimming pool and not the sea :)”

Monday, August 14, 2006


Ignorance, I plead guilty to ignorance, ignorance is not bliss :( See, I went to and linked all of you guys but I don't see it anywhere! I also went to blogroll me. It appears for a second and then vanishes. What happened?? Somebody help me please (laugh all you want but after that HELP me!!)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

A hundred, no a thousand, no a gazillion apologies are in order. I used to look at my blog everyday and feel so sad that no one ever left me a comment. Then a message by "the visitor" made me realise that it was all my fault! Blog ignoramus that I am, I hadn't even understood that certain trivial steps were necessary to view and publish comments. So now I've published all your comments and I want to thank you! Keep commenting and I will try to keep writing:) I am going to need lots of encouragement because I am an inherently lazy soul!
I am going to reply to your comments now, I hope that's ok! :)
@Sayesha- It was REALLY nice talking to you. I hope we meet next time I come!

@ Kroopa- Yup I am indeed Dinesh's much older sister!

@Kutichavuru- Thanks!! Great name btw!

@Priya- Thank you, I know, poor V, she was really upset!

@Why am I, Smiling girl and Balaji Rajan- Still haven't learnt the language :(

@ The visitor- sorry, sorry, sorry!

@Insane genius- yenna da, you are as insane as ever! :) I didn't go to Pune, no time.

@Twisted dna- "In my case it was intentional though" Why on earth???
@ Vidhya Rajesh- "especially the destinations on the bus boards" That's why I don't travel by bus! :)

@ Ekta- Think of the desi version when you want to call someone akka :)

@Shalini- its ok pa, you can continue calling me akka :)

@ perspective inc.- "rose by any other name......." Yes that's some consolation:)

@ the_girl_from_ipanema- "CANNOT wait to tell my sister that." What did she say ??

@ ashok- "hahaha" I am glad you found it funny!! :)

@anantha- Actually the witchy angel calls me yekkow :)

@ the chosen one- Please continue to love my moniker!

@Ravi- Hello and please keep coming back!

@ 30in2005- "One never does know what ones name or anything dear means in a whole new language!" Tell me about it!

@ Ketaki- isn't it???:)

@ Smiling girl- "In Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Tulu, it means Sister." Thank God for Indian languages!:)

@Megha- Thanks for finding it so insanely cool!!

@Mosilager- Hmm well I found it when I was googling around so I suppose it might be right. I would be happy though if it wasn't!! Maybe there is more than one word for excrement :) You speak Afrikaans?? Wow!!

@Dinesh- Darling bro, there's no way I am writing about our beloved nephew!!! :)

@kiwimyl- Well I do have a blog and I can honestly say you inspired me!!!

@hari and kannan raman- am gonna make a serious attempt at writing!

@ myadventures- Oh yes I know who you are!

@drastically me "ps: I felt the same way as your friend did. Maybe, I was naturally expecting a kucci rat..." Actually speaking, me too!

@ravi- "weighfully' wrong". Ha ha ha!!!!

@smiling girl- Louise Brown's latest pic appeared in the king of all tabloids- The Times of India! Yup she was born in 1978.

@the chosen one- "I'd be 20 pounds lighter" me too, me too!

@visitor- errr letter no. 7?

I want to thank all of you for wishing me on my birthday!!!!

I am tired now! Please keep commenting, I think it will inspire me to write!!

Friday, August 04, 2006


Am a year older today and not necessarily wiser.