Thursday, July 20, 2006

Akka aka what???
Googled around a bit and discovered that akka means excrement/dung in Afrikaans! Sheesh!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Just you weight!

My colleague saw a recent picture of Louise Brown and asked "How did SHE come out of test-tube???"

When will we ever get over our obsession with weight???

We've been invited to a wedding. We live in Bangalore. The beloved and I have lived in this city for 16 and 10 years respectively. We get by with broken Kannada and cannot read the script. (I know, I know, we should have learnt by now.) Our friends, a Punjabi couple, are accompanying us with their six year old- V. After driving round and round endlessly (traffic jams, one- ways- in one word- Bangalore!), we finally reach. There are about six to seven festively decorated mandaps on this particular street. Surprise! Everything, absolutely everything's written in Kannada. Apparently weddings bring out a deep love for the language. Can't blame them of course. After staring uncomprehendingly at the squiggles, we turn towards V. She's just started learning the alphabet in school. Four pairs of eyes bore into her.

The mother- "V, what's written on that board there?"
V (stares at it for 5 minutes) - "Mummy, that looks like a Sh."
Us- "Wrong place."
Next stop
The mother- "V, what about this one?"
V (10 seconds this time)- "That word starts with a Ra" (beams with pride) .
Us (look at her admiringly)- "This is the place!"
Adjust sari, reapply lipstick, put on a smile and march inside.
Come outside immediately, red- faced.
The mother- "V why do I even pay your school fees? I have told you SO many times to pay attention in class!"
V (lower lip begins to wobble dangerously, voice begins to quaver)- "But mummy...."
We finally saw the bride outside one of the mandaps and figured we had reached the right place :)

Moral of the story 1-The Karnataka government must ensure that all schools start teaching children the Kannada alphabet from the age of 3.
Moral of the story 2- Don't be embarrassed to ask someone for help.
Moral of the story 3- Tell the law- abiding citizens of Bangalore that they must write everything in English or else!
Moral of the story 4- Learn Kannada

Note- I have finally decided, after reading lots and lots of blogs, to start writing something myself instead of just leaving comments in other people's blogs. Constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated!