Tuesday, September 12, 2006


The whole world remembers our wedding anniversary- unfortunately not in a good way. Yup, you guessed right- Sept 11th- the day B and I were joined in holy matrimony. Our wedding happened a year before “The Day”. Cut to Sept 11th 2001. I come home whistling for I am still young and madly in love :). I switch off all the lights, arrange the gifts our friends have given us in what I believe is an artistic manner, light a few candles and decide to have a refreshing bath before the beloved arrives.

I hear the front door being unlocked and wait expectantly…

B- “Shit I didn’t buy anything”!

Ouch! And I spent so much time and effort selecting the perfect gift.

I hear the TV being switched on, followed by a loud “Oh my God, oh my God!” By this time I am thoroughly annoyed and come charging out of the bathroom. I see B sitting in front of the TV with a horrified expression on his face. I am terribly shocked and upset too. Call me self- centered/selfish whatever, its still our first wedding anniversary and I want to go out. So after giving B a tongue lashing for not having bought me anything, I insist that he get ready to go out for dinner. He’s still reeling in shock and is in no mood to oblige. Me being me though, manage to drag him out of the house. Its pouring outside. We drive to this fancy schmancy restaurant that serves ridiculously priced salads and has a foreign sounding name for boiled potatoes. No matter, I am still grimly determined to enjoy my first wedding anniversary. We place our order and settle down. I look at B with what I presume is pure unadulterated love. No response. He appears to be staring transfixed at someone over my shoulder. I turn around and what do I behold? An absolutely humongous flat screen TV. No prizes for guessing what B is looking at. We silently watch the scene unfold again and again and again. I am shocked, saddened and filled with revulsion at the depravity of the human soul. Events over the past few years haven’t done much to make me change my mind. The day will remain etched in my memory for ever.

So, what has changed over the last 6 years? We have grown older and fatter together and…. yes I love you B! Happy anniversary (belated:))!

P.S And now Surya and Jyothika have the dubious distinction of sharing their wedding anniversary with us! :) Congratulations!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

I see you in your mother's eyes
I see you in your brother's walk
I see you in your sister's smile
I hear you in your son's voice
I wish I could see you again